COVID - 19 & MPV Response

During this challenging time as we are affected by COVID-19 and Monkey Pox Virus, our main focus at Georgia Harm Reduction Coalition, Inc. remains the health and safety of our staff and clients. As we are fighting these dangerous viruses through practicing safety measures, our agency remains committed in helping thousands of individuals who are in need of our services.

Here is how we are responding through all our centers:

  • Mass Education around COVID-19 and MPV
  • COVID-19 PCR and Self Testing, MPV Testing
  • COVID-19 Vaccination – Open to all Georgians 6 months and up
    • Johnson & Johnson (Available to individuals 18+ ONLY)
    • Moderna (Available to individuals 18+ ONLY)
    • Pfizer (Available to individuals 6 months-17 years of age ONLY)
    • We are also offering 1st boosters to those who have already received their first rounds of vaccination and 2nd and 3rd boosters to those who are 50+ and those 12+ who are immunocompromised. 
  • MPV Vaccine – Open to high risk communities 
  • Assistance with hygiene kits specific to homeless population
  •  Mask distribution (by request)PPE | UServeUtah

In addition to our efforts around COVID-19, GHRC remains committed in providing our regular services to the communities we serve.

Why Masks & Social Distancing?

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