AHRC’s Commitment To The Communities We Serve

“We envision a world where all people are accepted, valued, and have access to healthcare and support that leads to a fulfilling life.”

As a comprehensive prevention and wellness agency, we understand the unique needs of our MSM community. Several programs at AHRC are designed to meet biological, behavioral, social, and cultural needs of our MSM community. With the need for confidential and comprehensive services in a culturally competent environment, our MSM community feels welcome and comfortable in receiving services at our center and outreach sites. Our team who are represented by the MSM community from leadership to frontline, utilize the harm reduction strategy by meeting the community where they are by providing services on extensive days and hours of the week, outreach, and at the comfort of individuals homes. 

The need for a safe space to be heard, and to be met not only where you are, but with respect for who you are fully, is something that AHRC understands and offers at our center and offsite locations. 

Project Safe  is just one example of AHRC’s answering a call for culturally specific programming built around your needs through behavioral interventions, HIV screening, Treatment as Prevention, PrEP/nPEP, and condoms with various texture, flavor, and sizes.

AHRC Supports You On YOUR Terms

Medical Treatment

In addition to confidential screening for HIV, HCV, and STIs, AHRC also offers treatment at our Connect To Care Clinic (C3) regardless of insurance. 

We take time to help with:

The identification and reduction of stigma that may affect health outcomes is  a critical piece in our approach to care.

HIV Prevention

PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is an HIV prevention strategy for HIV-negative people. It involves taking Truvada, or Descovy once a day to protect against HIV prior to an exposure. 

nPEP, or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis is an HIV prevention strategy for HIV-negative people. It involves taking a combo pill once a day for 28 days to protect against HIV after an exposure. 

AHRC respects that you shape your identity and your public life in a way that feels true to you, allowing control of your privacy when you want it and to protect and care for yourself the way you see fit. 

Using PrEP or nPEP are just another ways to keep the control that is so important to you, and our PrEP’ing U program can be a part of that.

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