Shhh Program

As GHRC continues forward in our mission to help those living with, treat, and eventually eradicate STI’s, HCV, HIV, we understand that plenty of people may not want to participate in testing or treatment efforts for many reasons, whether its societal stigmas over diseases and infections, fear of being found out, or just misinformation about how testing and treatment work.

To counteract this, we’ve created a new program called the “Shhh Program”. Shhh is designed to maintain maximum confidentiality, lower wait times, and assist clients who are uncomfortable with regular testing sites for any number of reasons. We have designed Shhh sites to be as minimal as possible, with pre-registration and wait times under 20 minutes for even our slower tests.

See the form below to register for a spot in Shhh at our next pop-up event, which will be discreetly emailed or texted to you, whichever you prefer.

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