Strengthening our community through compassion


GHRC actively engages in grassroots advocacy, research, and direct services aimed at supporting individuals made vulnerable by various factors, including drug use, sex work, overdose, gender-related issues, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, hepatitis, and other communicable diseases. Our primary objective is to facilitate closer access to prevention and health services for those involved in high-risk activities, irrespective of their choices, circumstances, or lifestyle. All our services are provided free of charge. At GHRC, we employ a Harm Reduction model to cater to our clients. This philosophy embodies a non-judgmental approach that enables us to meet individuals where they are in their circumstances, identifying and mitigating the harm associated with situations such as substance abuse, injection drug use, sex work, and other marginalized conditions.

Through this approach, we embrace and collaborate with individuals as they present themselves, enabling us to assist them in leading healthier lives. We create tailored risk-reduction plans based on an individual’s self-identified lifestyle-related risks and reasonable self-set goals.

Strengthening Our Community Through Compassion!

Our partners provide support that helps to enable GHRC in the
role of supportive facilitator, helping participants develop the motivation and skills to change high-risk behaviors.

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