Healthy Meal Initiative
One Meal, One Lesson, One Healthy Life:

Healthy Meal Initiative

The Healthy Meal Initiative Program is a collaborative effort between GHRC and Atlanta Food Bank for over a decade. We offer brown bag lunches four times a week with an emphasis on physical and mental health. The materials discussed during groups help individuals make safe choices in life, thereby preventing them from morbidity and mortality associated with high risk behaviors, such as conflict and anger, substance use, health conditions, and more.

Lunches provided during groups, prepared by GHRC’s experienced Chef who uses the guidelines of the food pyramid help in maintaining a well-balanced, nutritious diet to the participants by providing a variety of nutritious food including meat and vegetables.

Hours for Groups (Inside Drop-In-Center):

Mondays, 4-5: Safe in the City
Tuesdays, 3-4: Spirituality Lead
Thursdays, 12-1: Aging and Healthy
Thursdays, 3-4: Keeping Safe

* Due to Covid, we are not currently holding group meetings.
Hot Plates are available on THURSDAYS – first come first served                         

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