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The Linkage to Care Program at GHRC is a confidential, one on one, culturally appropriate intervention that aims at linking and retaining those at need to medical (HIV, HCV, and STI), substance use, mental health, and vision care services as well as housing, furniture, food, and transportation assistance. At GHRC, we help by identifying individual level barriers and connect clients to the best care available in the state of Georgia, including those at our own agency.

Upon contact, whether through our center or at outreach, clients are immediately connected with GHRC’s Linkage team who will conduct a one on one case management using a set of questionnaires that helps in identifying barriers (e.g. transportation) and use the resources available in removing them. The journey does not stop here. Our experienced team continue providing assistance and follow up through in person visits, phone, text, and media sharing over a course of one year to ensure the success of our clients.

Services include:
Linkage to Medical Care
Linkage to Addiction Medication & Substance Use Counseling
Linkage to Mental Health Counseling
Assistance with Obtaining Furniture
Temporary and Long Term Housing Assistance
Assistance with Food
Assistance with Transportation
Follow-up Care
Access to condoms

Hours of Operations:
GHRC’s Counseling Center:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs: 10-5
Friday: 10-4

Call us or email us at to set up an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome.


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