Rapid Re-Housing

In partnership with the City of Atlanta and Partners For Home, GHRC offers rapid re-housing to chronically homeless individuals and families in Atlanta. 

Using harm reduction focused case management, the Rapid Re-Housing program serves to transition people that are experiencing chronic homelessness to stable housing.

Case management is focused on ensuring that barriers to getting housed are addressed through:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • Implementation 
  • Evaluation of individual needs.

Additionally, the program strives on building a strong ability to initiate, engage, and build rapport with participants to support independent living skills.

Are you or someone you know in need of housing assistance?

Please reach out to GHRC’s Linkage department and ask to speak to one of our rapid re-housing linkage specialists today!

Call 404-817-9994

or visit us at

1231 Joseph E. Boone, Blvd., Atlanta, GA  30314

Singles with children and/or intact families  

Personalized to break through barriers to care

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